Week 6: The Food Week

With the half way point of the year upon us, we at the York Tories have decided to take a short break from the helter-skelter of the usual Wednesday antics. To that end, we have a film night for you all, in P/T/007 (physics building), where we shall be watching In the Loop,  the feature-length spin off of The Thick of It, starring Peter Capaldi as Malcolm Tucker, the Prime Minister’s fearsome enforcer. Be advised, as there are gratuitous amounts of foul language. We shall also be giving you free, yes free, Dominoes pizza.This will more than cover the cost of your membership fee of £5, so if you’re thinking of joining us then why not come along?

On Friday, after the regular open committee meeting (D/104 at 6:15 – all welcome), we will be heading to G’India for our regular Friday curry, at the somewhat earlier time of 8:30 PM. This is to account for the fact that Valentine’s Day is the day afterwards, and as such it will be very busy.

Charlie Reddin