Week 6: Port and Policy

Dear all,

I hope you are all well and either enjoying Halloween or hiding inside your student house, hoping the children do not find you.

Before we get into this week’s events, I’d like to remind you about our Christmas Ball! It is on Saturday 26th November and we will be joined by Andrea Jenkyns MP! Our tickets are selling well and you can buy yours by clicking here. You have less than a fortnight so don’t delay!

On Wednesday, we will be hosting Port and Policy! If you, like Boris, want to legislate regarding cake, now is your chance! Join us in D/104 at 8.00pm where we will drink port and propose policy ideas to be debated. You can also submit policy ideas to our Events Officer, Matthew Dent, in advance to guarantee debate. Simply send them to mjd552@york.ac.uk. Please note, port is only free for those who pay their membership (we will have a list) so please pay by Wednesday in order to be included. All you need to do is click the big blue button below. Following this, we will head out into town.

On Friday, we will be having our usual open committee meeting at 6.15pm in D/104. Following this, we will head to the Garden of India for our weekly curry.

Finally, a reminder that our Annual General Meeting will take place on Wednesday 16th November. Here, you can suggest constitutional amendments before we re-ratify the constitution and elect the new committee. All roles are open to election. Below I have listed the incumbents in case you wish to find out about a role before running (I personally recommend you do this!). Again, you must be a paid member to vote or stand so don’t forget to pay membership.

Chairman – Beth Wright
External Vice Chairman – Jack Merrett
Internal Vice Chairman – Will Barnes
Treasurer – Sam Daley
Secretary – Eve Rimington
Publicity and Social Media Officer – Arthur Reynolds
Campaigns Officer – Stefan Schuller
Events Officer – Matthew Dent
Computing Officer – Alex Burn
Ordinary Officer – James Eyermann, Charlie Parkin and Sophie Whittingham

Also, please note, that you have to be a student to stand, and not on a leave of absence. This is a rule imposed by YUSU and not us. Whilst we have emailed them for further clarification, we expect that this rule will not change.

As always, have a great week and we look forward to seeing you at our events!

Eve Rimington

Alex Burn