Week 6: Politically impartial? Berc-no

Dear all,

A vote of no confidence has been tabled, the positioning and lobbying for votes has begun, can The Seahorse hang on? The Vicky has amassed a group of rebels behind it. Is the outrage caused by The Seahorse’s politicisation of vomit enough to supplant it? Time will tell, but the polls don’t look good.

This week (get your Blue Nun at the ready) on Tuesday 14th we have Elliot Miller from ‘Student Rights’ at 19:30 in D/L/036 coming to address the society on the Government’s ‘Prevent’ strategy and the various forms of extremism you may find on a university campus. Please come along to what promises to be a great night.

On Wednesday at 19:00 we have our Sam Smith’s Social, come along and visit some of the finest drinking establishments in York, serving some of Yorkshire’s finest beer! We will be meeting in D-bar then moving into town from there.

On Friday we have Open Committee meeting in D/104 at !8:15 which as always is open for all who wish to attend. That will be followed by a trip to G’India.

As we move forward this week, through Valentine’s day when love plays on all of our minds, it is important to remember what really matters. The love of a York Tory for the amber liquid of kings, a pint of beer. The love of a York Tory for the weight of a highball glass, with a couple of unchipped cubes of ice, a double measure of gin, and a measure of tonic water. The love of a York Tory for a long stemmed wine glass with a deep fragrant red lying in the bowl. The love of a York Tory for a night of drinking, fine company and great conversation. In short, a great York Tories night out.

Warm regards,

Secretary, York Tories

Robert Ward