Week 5: Midterm Madness

Now that we’re halfway through the term (and the Academic year!), and also worryingly close to the General Election, the York Tories have decided to carry on as normal with regards to socials. On Wednesday, therefore, we shall be celebrating Accession Day in the traditional Tory manner, namely copious amounts of alcohol and, of course, Toryoke.  We will be meeting in the Lounge, as opposed to D-Bar, for some cocktails before we head off into town, ending up at Macumba.

On Friday we do not have our own event, other than of course committee and a curry. Instead, we shall be heading off to ATB 056/057 in Alcuin college (cross the bridge behind the library, head into Alcuin and it’s on your right) for a cross party debate. Our very own PPC for York Central Robert McIlveen will be there, so we hope that you’ll all be out in force to give him our much needed support.

One more thing: after committee (D/104 at 6:15 as usual) there will be a meeting to discuss the Edinburgh trip, taking place from Monday 16th of March till Wednesday 18th March. All the relevant information can be found on the Facebook Group, here.

Charlie Reddin