Week 4: Tomorrow And Tomorrow And Tomorrow (and tomorrow)

Dear all,

Whispers and half-heard questions have been buzzing around York for weeks. Only now have their nature become clear. Who is NRMH? Who is the author of those clever, funny, articulate emails coming out of  The York Tories? Some say it is a pseudonym, a public figure protecting their identity. Some say a child prodigy straight out of MENSA has taken control of the account, while still others don’t really give a monkey. Well, set your heart at rest, dear friends, for it is I, Niall R. M. Hegarty. Let this mystery fade to dust, and let us forge ahead with the week in front of us.

Wednesday, D-bar, 19:30, the first of what we hope will be a new annual tradition of socials, the Politician Impersonation Social. So find your political doppelganger and dress as them. You never know what partnerships may be born, Diane Abbott boogieing with David Cameron, Nicola Sturgeon jiving with Marine Le Pen, the possibilities are endless. So come down for a special night, maybe we’ll see Theresa May and Donald Trump forging a new kind of Special Relationship…

There will be an open meeting of the committee on Friday at 18:15 followed by the already advertised Emergency General Meeting at 19:15, and this will be directly followed by Port and Policy! A busy night by all accounts…

There’s an illness going around, I got it from the Chairman, it’ll get to you soon. I thought I’d offer some advice there are some marvelous flu remedies known in certain remote parts of the subcontinent. Licorice root, for instance, combined with bamboo sap and a strong shot of whiskey. Ginger root, also, mixed with citrus peel. and a strong shot of whiskey, in fact, you can throw out the ginger root and citrus peel, and still be well in your way.

Warm regards,

Secretary, York Tories

Robert Ward