Week 3: The Burden of Office

Dear all,

First, may I on behalf of all members of the York Tories family congratulate our Honorary President Donald J. Trump on his inauguration as President of the United States of America. A fine achievement that confers a great deal of responsibility, not least for some few hundred years of back taxes…

As we move forward this week into a new age of world politics, it is right that the York Tories look optimistically to the future, but also treasure the pleasures of the past. In this spirit, the Events Officer has determined that a spot of Pub Golf is in order, and so on Wednesday we tee off at D-bar at 19:30 and move to The Courtyard at 20:00 for hole 2 to make the most of their £1 pint deal.
I have been asked by the Events Officer to draw your attention also to next week’s social which is a politician impersonation social beginning at 19:30 in D-bar we hope to see as many of you as possible dressed as a myriad of different politicians spanning both the globe and time itself. I myself will bear the mantle of our Honorary President, it’s going to be huge.

The deadline for payment to attend the Prague trip has been extended to TONIGHT at midnight. please refer to the facebook event for details.

I now must write on a more sombre issue. As was mentioned in my email over the weekend a General Meeting has been called by the President for the 3rd February. The purpose of this is to replace two Ordinary Officers of the committee. One of our officers has resigned from their post and we thank them for their service to the committee. The other has forfeited their position on committee for failure to perform the peculiars of their duty in line with the constitution of the society.
While this is regrettable we hope that from this incident it can be highlighted that this committee takes the integrity of the society, its committee, and its constitution very seriously. We look forward to those interested in joining the committee and helping us to take the society from strength to strength putting themselves forward at the General Meeting.

The committee will meet in an open meeting as usual on Friday at 18:15, and a trip to G’India I’m sure will be availaable for those who do not attend the Curry Club with Jonathan Isaby at 19:30.

As we reach the start of term proper, a quck reminder that although things might seem hard as the work piles up, a pint in your hand and The Band of The Grenadier Guards blaring from the speakers helps one forget about the workload.

Warm regards,

Secretary, York Tories

Robert Ward