(a belated) Happy New Year from everyone at the York Tories! We hope that your exams have gone well, and that you will be ready for all of the great events we have planned this term. Week 2 presents not only a typical week of socials and politics, but also a great chance for newer members to come along. If, like many of our current 2nd years this time last year, yours truly included, you have not been involved as you would like, then this is the perfect time to come along and see what we’re like!

On Wednesday, we have our Refreshers Bar Crawl. This will commence with a drinks reception in D/104 from 8PM, with plenty of alcohol and soft drinks. This will be very similar to our first event of the academic year, and is a great opportunity to say hi to our committee, and also our newer members. We will then be having a small campus bar crawl, although further adventures in town are a distinct possibility.

On Friday, we have our first committee meeting of the year, again in D/104 at 6:15. These are of course open, and we encourage as many of you as possible to attend. Following that, at 7 we have our first debate of the year, “THB that the coalition government has been a success”. This should prove to be an invigorating discussion, with members of the other two main parties being invited, so do please come along for a lively, if ultimately light-hearted debate.

Afterwards, we shall be heading off to the Garden of India for our traditional Friday evening curry. Again, we encourage all members, new or otherwise, to come along if you can for what is undoubtedly the finest Indian in York, at excellent prices.

D/104 is located by D-Bar, up the stairs right outside the entrance and around the corner to your right. If you get lost, please call or text events officer Matt (07794630727), and he can guide you. We hope to see you there!”

Charlie Reddin