Week 2: Inauguration Over There

Dear all,

 Don’t turn away, this is no fake news outlet!!!

So the days slowly creep away until the the world’s highest profile York Tory takes the world’s highest profile office. A time perhaps to reflect on what the rest of the York Tories family has achieved. I myself managed to get out of bed before midday nearly every day last week, I think the Honorary President and I are tied for success.
A busy newsletter this week, So pay attention, some sources are saying that portions of this information were gathered through hacking activity by a former communist nation…

Wednesday night at 20:00, is a joint politico social after the much anticipated political speed-debating event. The social begins in D-Bar, but please do come along from 18:45 to the speed-debating before hand and earn your drinks through lively debate in D/L/047!
Friday from 17:00 Matt Freckelton of the York Conservative will be in D-bar doing sign-ups to the national party. Followed by the regular open committee meeting at 18:15, which in turn is followed by our first speaker of the term, Kris Hopkins MP at 19:30. Both committee and the speaker event are in D/104.

The Internal Vice Chairman has asked me to alert you all to the event that went live on facebook this Monday evening, York Tories on Tour: Prague. Please respond to this event to register your interest ASAP and abide by the deadline for payment of Sunday 22nd January.

A second notice is the opening of tickets for Party Conference, the society will as ever mount an expedition to conference. Please purchase your tickets separately, using, if necessary, the Chairman as your reference via this email address.

Finally, on the 27th January Curry Club returns with special guest Jonathan Isaby, tickets are available for purchase through the facebook event that is currently live.

Remember friends, as a new world is born on Friday, look forward not with preconceived ideas of what may come. Look forward with unsteady gaze and a pint of Sovereign Bitter in hand. As ‘Hail To The Chief’ blares across Washington DC, hail our own chief: With strong voice and full heart cry God Save The Queen.

Warm regards,

Secretary, York Tories

Robert Ward