Week 1: A New Email, A New Year

Week 1

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”
– Rainer Maria Rilke.

*This email is to be read as if being whispered through the crack of a door in the wee small hours of the morning so as not to disturb those hard at work in preparation for examinations*

Dear all,

In Preparation for this email I considered writing an address, an homage to Her Majesty’s beautiful discourse whichI stood and listened to on Christmas Day. I even jotted down some musings, I considered the idea of new beginnings of making a fresh start. I realised, however, that there is no new beginning that needs making, the York Tories are and shall remain beyond time, an entity unto themselves, a spaceship fuelled by booze shooting through the heavens, lighting the way for those few brave enough to follow in our footsteps. I drained my glass and thought to myself, how glorious it is to be a York Tory.

Tomorrow night at 20:00, rather than our usual boisterous outing shall be a quiet amble around the various on-campus drinking establishments, we hope to see you at our first stop in D-bar.
Friday at 18:15 the committee shall meet in D/104 for our open committee meeting, please feel free to come along and input into the proceedings. We will, of course, head down to D-bar after the meeting and then to the first G’India of 2017.

On behalf of the committee, I wish all those sitting examinations at this time the best of luck. Personally, I wish to remind you that the best cure for pre-exam nerves are a couple of pints about a quarter of an hour before you start.

Warm regards,

Secretary, York Tories

Robert Ward