Week 5: Executive Order: Boredom Ban

Dear all,

The Brexit bus is full, rolling down the nation’s streets at full pelt, knocking aside amendments and the vitriol of the remoaners as it goes, gaining the speed, the momentum, the sheer force necessary to burst through the final barricades and hurl us all into the clear, open skies of our future. Doesn’t the air already taste sweeter in your mouth, knowing that an EU free Britain is getting ever closer?

This week (“Evening all” – all who don’t understand the reference take a good look at yourself in the mirror tonight and question your very existence) on Wednesday at 20:00 in The Lounge begins our “Conservative Cocktail Craw” come along for an ‘Old Fashioned’ time, where you’ll feel as if you’ve stepped into the glitz and glamour of ‘Manhatten’.
On Friday we have our Open Committee Meeting at 18:15 in D/104 followed at 19:30 by a debate on the statement “This house believes in the new age of Russian threat in the Baltic’s and North Korean military expansion – the UK must Prioritise defence spending”. It promises to be a wonderful evening, followed by a wonderful curry at G’India.
Finally, a look ahead to next week on Tuesday 14th we have Elliot Miller from ‘Student Rights’ coming to address the society on a whole host of issues from anti-Semitism in the NUS to the absurdity of no-platforming. Surely this is not one to be missed!
As we move into the halfway point of the term I am struck by the pace of time. It seems only yesterday that we were all cramming for January exams and essay submissions, with little time to drink and be merry. That was many weeks ago, and the drinking habit of many of our members seems to still be in hibernation! So come one come all to The Lounge on Wednesday, as the masses came to Christ, let the massed ranks of the York Tories mailing list come to our cocktail crawl. Throw off your winter blues, and throw on your winter booze! Believe me, your livers will thank you for the exercise!
Warm regards,NRMH
Secretary, York Tories

Robert Ward