Dispatches from the Conservative Frontline

It would be inappropriate to start this column without mentioning the success that was the Badger Culling Social, the old adage of any news is good news is certainly the case. Let us be clear, the social was not a political statement on either side of the debate but this was widely misunderstood and a centre of the controversy as such, this political York-Tories1neutral event was just a fun bar crawl, which the York Tories much enjoyed and will go down in our events history, as well as the papers. What we do next to top this will be much awaited!

David Cameron has recently commented on the arrangements held between France and Britain regarding where the British and French border exists, saying that if Britain were to leave the EU, France would rethink its arrangement and it may be called into doubt. The impact this would have would be to move camps that exist in Calais to follow the border to coastal England. Many have described this as harmful scaremongering, especially since ministers in France have denied rethought would be the case since the arrangement is bi-lateral and nothing to do with Britain’s membership to Europe. Those who take this opinion say that Cameron has done it in order to further his cause of staying in the EU, by making people fearful of camps popping up on the British coast. David Cameron’s opinion however is validated by the fact other parties  in France are questioning the arrangement, this movement of nationalism within France can be linked to the rise of Marine Le Pen’s French National Front and general opposition of an arrangement many French citizens will see as having no merit for France. Politically this has not gone down well and is another hit to Cameron’s popularity regardless of truth, and here in lies what I said in an earlier column, the In campaign must be positive like the out campaign is managing to do, the common man wants to hear of new horizons not new horizons which will be stormy. This move by Cameron then is regressive regardless of its merit and truth, if he does want to win, he must follow the Conservative general election campaign of dictating the narrative, as they did by making it about the economy which was seen as Labour’s weakest point. Victory for him then must be in choosing the battle grounds, rather than fitting where insurgency lies.

So with Cameron and the York Tories being cast by the media as having made silly faux-pas, the York Tories will be going on a real ale pub crawl to be a bit more sensible, but no promises! On Friday we will also be hosting Jonathan Isaby from the Taxpayers Alliance who campaign against the idea of big government and for a low tax economy amongst other things, followed by the obligatory curry. Then only a day later to complete this busy week, the York Tories will be assisting Matthew Vickers in his campaign to become Police Crime Commissioner of Cleveland in Yarm. Feel free to come to any of our friendly open events, details as always are on our social media and if you do come we can always discuss the errors in Cameron’s ways.

Stefan Schuller

Campaigns Officer

Stefan Schuller