Dispatches from the Conservative Frontline

York-Tories1The open door policy of the Labour party is unsustainable. Great Britain has always been an outward looking nation, with a belief that we have a part to play in the world, we as a nation have always been accepting and one could link this to our current diversity, acceptance of other cultures and tolerance which greatly enriches our society. This does not however entail that as a nation, Britain should allow everyone in need of refuge to stay on our shores. An open door policy in an attractive welfare state such as Britain, means that an uncontrollable influx of people would be seemingly inevitable, as our nation now stands that is not a viable option. This does not detract from the fact that as a privileged wealthy island we must play our part, yet the extent to this is certainly not an open door policy, but instead a European plan for apportioning refugees and one might further add a plan to tackle the problem at the source rather than dealing with the effects, although international interventions especially with boots on the ground proves to be unpopular due to our recent history of such interventions and as such are likely to not be pursued by any party which wants to hold power. Thus one would suggest that the refugee crisis will practically be dealt with by political solutions at the source, distributing current refugees in European and dissuading further future refugees from making the perilous trip.

Google tax settlement has been the centre of controversy this week, the dissention has been sowed since Google had long consultations and discussions with the government to determine what amount should be paid, and the belief that small businesses do not have the ability to engage in such acts and this is grossly unfair. This however is beside the point, the discussions between HRMC and Google, were used to identify the correct profit level and as such the correct taxation level, rather than for Google to use its power to control HRMC decisions. Importantly this settlement sets a precedent for future proceedings, to show that big companies will have to pay their fair share of tax. What however must be noted is that, high levels of corporation tax will deter businesses from British shores, so for those concerned with the levels of tax must bare this in mind and look to British employment levels to see the idea successfully in action.

The University of York Conservative and Unionist Association had a very successful social with the Labour society last week and this week is set to be another good week, with the usual Wednesday weekly social being a Badger Culling event set to ignite some fun debate. Even more debate will ensue on Friday with a debate about legalisation of marijuana followed by an event to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Stefan Schuller

Campaigns Officer

Stefan Schuller