For this, my last posting, I think I’ll just write as a person, rather than as the collective voice of the society. Maybe I should have done this form the beginning (it was certainly what I envisaged), but for whatever reason I decided on the collective.

I would like to start this farewell by thanking my fellow committee members for their hard work and devotion to the society. In particular, Keane has been an excellent Chairman, striking (in my opinion) the perfect balance between the authority needed to keep us in line, and the trust to allow us to work on our own briefs without interference.

Beth, our Chairman-Elect and outgoing External Vice President, has also done a fine job. She managed to acquire two very fine speakers this term, namely Jacob Rees-Mogg and Daniel Hannan, as well as a host of many others throughout the academic year. Her skills of drugging, kidnapping and demanding speeches as ransoms attracting speakers will be missed, but I (along with the society at large) have great faith that she will go on to replicate, if not improve on, Keane’s record (sorry Keane).

I think the other notable committee members to be thanked are Matthew and Huw. Matthew was acting as our main events officer after Becky left us, and he has taken the office to new heights. Not only did the hagueathon run without any significant hitches, but the rest of the socials (particularly the fox hunting one) went spectacularly. Huw, our outgoing Secretary, has been a diligent and passionate officer, keeping the minutes in very good order, and generally being a great person to be around.

The rest of committee also deserves praise. Oliver has been a good friend to me this past year, Jordan has kept the money in good order, our three Ordinary officers of Tamsin, Annabel and Eve have served committee with distinction, Cameron led the charge during the election, and Jack was [redacted] pretty [censored] good [redacted] at his job.

I know that my tenure of this website did not live up to the efforts of my predecessor (especially this term), but, regardless, I have faith in my successor, Alex, to take this venture to new heights. I would like to wish the new committee the very best of luck, so that they continue their amazing track record of the immediate dismantling of CF.

And, so, to all readers, present and future,

I remain your ever-humble and faithful servant,

Charlie Reddin, Outgoing Computing Officer of the York Tories.

Charlie Reddin