First and foremost, the York Tories send their heartiest congratulations to all Conservatives for this stunning election victory. Whether you are a candidate, an activist or just a regular voter, we could not have secured Britain’s future without your hard work. Special commendations must go to Andrea Jenkyns for her spectacular victory over Ed Balls, helped of course by many of the York Tories, as well as to Julian Sturdy, MP for York Outer, for increasing his majority, and Robert McIlveen for increasing his share of the vote and putting in a sterling effort. One mustn’t forget our chairman Keane Duncan either, who has just been elected councillor for Norton East Ward, Ryedale District Council.

After the election result has sunk in, and we finish our own exams (best of luck to all, of course), we have our very own Summer Ball on the 6th of June (Saturday of Week 9). Tickets cost a mere £34 for students, and £39 for everyone else (with a £1 surcharge if bought on the yusu website), for which you get a three course meal, great speakers and a wonderful evening. Full details can be found on the facebook page.

Once again, best of luck in everyone’s exams, and we’ll see you all on the other side!

Charlie Reddin