Well, if it isn’t already a new academic year!

First of all, apologies for the website not showing the new posts. WordPress decided that it supports Jeremy Corbyn. Or something like that…

Also, on behalf of the York Tories Committee, welcome to all new freshers, and welcome back to those who managed to interrupt their drinking sessions to pass enough exams.

Anyway, now that’s sorted out, here’s an update on what’s happening, and what’s happened.

Tonight, we have our regular committee and curry, with a debate, the second this year. This time, it’s on who will be our next leader after the current one steps down. No not Keane, that comes in November.

The format will be somewhat different, as members will be able to make a pitch for their leader, and others will debate their merits. At the end, a poll will be taken. Full details can be found on the Facebook event, here.

We’ve also had an action-packed few weeks, so here’s a quick round-up.

On Wednesday of week two we had our meet and greet in D/104. This was as usual a great evening of meeting new faces, and reminiscing of old times. This was followed on Wednesday by Jacob Rees-Mogg, a titan of the party who came all the way from Somerset to speak to us about Europe, Scotland, Parliament and a host of other topics. Truly a great start to the year.

On week three there were, as usual, two events. On Wednesday, the freshers were introduced to the finest of York’s drinking establishments by the wisest and most experienced practitioners of their art (i.e. the third years), resulting in a night of much merriment. And that Friday, we had our first debate of the academic year: THBT the Government has failed in its response to the migrant crisis. The motion carried by 21 votes to 13.

And finally, this week we had one of our most popular events, Pub Golf, which was accompanied by some observers from the That Place Up North, otherwise known as Durham. This page will be updated with details of the night soon, as your author was unfortunately unable to attend, but by all accounts it was a wonderful night.

That’s all for now. Come back soon to find out what we’re up to, which will include but not be limited to drinking, eating free pizza, drinking, debating, and Hagueathoning…

Charlie Reddin