A New Commitee, A New Website, And a New Year

Before I disappear over the holidays I leave you with a brief summary of the past few months, as well as a look ahead into the new year. Firstly the highlights from The Annual General Meeting, which convened on Wednesday 18th November:

Honorary Positions

  • Jacob Rees-Mogg MP to be duly elected as Honorary President of the Association.
  • Jack Braund, Huw Davies, Matthew Dent, Keane Duncan, Hugo Graham, Jordan Hennessy, Charlie Reddin, Cameron Smith and Harry Wilkinson to be duly elected as Honorary Vice-Presidents of the Association.
  • Hugo Graham and Chris Rowell to be duly appointed as Honorary Members of the Association for life.


  • Bethany Wright to be duly elected as Chairman of the Association.
  • Jack Merrett to be duly elected as External Vice-Chairman.
  • Will Barnes to be duly elected as Internal Vice-Chairman of the Association.
  • Jordan Hennessy to be duly re-elected as Treasurer of the Association.
  • Eve Rimington to be duly elected as Secretary of the Association.
  • Sam Daley to be duly elected as Publicity and Social Media Officer of the Association.
  • Stefan Schuller to be duly elected as Campaigns Officer of the Association.
  • Tamsin Allsopp to be duly elected as Events Officer of the Association.
  • Alex Burn to be duly elected as Computing Officer of the Association.
  • Arthur Reynolds, Charlie Parkin and James Eyermann to be duly elected as  Ordinary Officers of the Association.

The above committee officially took over at the Christmas ball, which was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Photos are available here.

As promised to you at the AGM, you have found yourself on a redesigned website. As part of this, I would like to draw your attention to the Newsletter section, which will contain a week by week report focusing on up coming events. This can be used as a way of helping you remember when and where things are happening, and the content will reflect that which is already promulgated in the weekly emails from Eve. My aim is to make it easier for you all, as well as new members, to find event information in one place. I hope you find it easier to navigate and nicer on the eye than the old design, but should you have any comments or feedback feel free to email me at acb559@york.ac.uk.

I wish you all a very happy Christmas, and I look forward to bringing more excitement in the new year.

Alex Burn

Computing Officer

Alex Burn