The 25th October is day that has seen some of the great battles of history; Agincourt, Balaklava, Leyte Gulf. On this day however,the York Tories tried something they’ve never tried before: piantballing. Starting bright and early, the York Tories took to the road for the trip to Wakefield. Once they entered, they were fully equipped with protection gear, weaponry and 200 paintballs, which were all included in the ticket price. 

The group was split into two (black and gold) and placed with other people in the black and gold groups who competed against each other throughout the day: six scenarios with two games each. Afterwards, tired and bruised, the group headed home. They learnt a a lot that day; how to dodge a paintball how to run in steaming goggles and that camouflage onesies don’t suit anyone.

The event proceeded without a hitch and it is definitely on the cards for future events.

Hugo Graham