Following a day of by-election campaigning for Robert Jenrick in Newark, members of York Tories, along with friends from Yorkshire and Humber CF, attended the inaugural dinner of the RoadTrip 2015 campaign group at a hotel in nearby Nottingham. Over 100 members of CF and the Party as a whole were in attendance

After a delicious meal of curry, members listened to speeches from Mark Clarke, founder of the RoadTrip project, and Robert Halfon, MP for Harlow, who has been one of RoadTrip’s longest-standing supporters. Both Mark and Robert praised the hard work of activists and stressed their importance in the campaign for a Conservative win in the 2015 general election.

Following that, Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, gave the keynote speech. He reminded members of the wide-ranging and important reforms the government had made since 2010, particularly in cutting waste and improving efficiency in local government, and asked that members help the Party ‘finish the job’ and deliver another five years of government for the Party. Eric’s speech was extremely well-received and he was given a standing ovation at its end.

Members then proceeded on to experience what Nottingham’s nightlife had to offer. This gave everyone the chance to unwind and toast the end of an excellent and productive day. York Tories boarded their coach home at midnight buoyed by the atmosphere and looking forward to the next RoadTrip. All were thrilled to see in the news the following Friday that Robert Jenrick had held the seat for the Conservatives with a substantial majority.

Pictured are members of York Tories and Yorkshire and Humber CF with Eric Pickles.

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Hugo Graham