This year’s Party Conference was held in Manchester and the York Tories had no trouble in convincing members to go – attendees including Committee members, ordinary members, supporters and alumni created a party of over 20. In true York Tories style the complementary canapés and wine were greatly enjoyed, and many speeches on the main floor were heard including, to name a few, William Hague, Michael Gove, Karen Brady, George Osborne, Theresa May and of course David Cameron.

York Tories made the most of the social events mingling and meeting the brightest and the best the Conservative Party and the country had to offer. Furthermore there was the opportunity to attend multiple debates, on everything from Europe to Small Businesses, and fringe events such as the Northern Conservatives Reception, which was also attended by William Hague and David Cameron. Needless to say the society had a fantastic time – not even the socialist hecklers could dampen their spirits! It was a fantastic start to a new year at York.



Hugo Graham