Week 9: Cocktails with the Conservatives

Dear all,

I hope you have all had a good week. As the quote suggests, here at the York Tories, we care about all of our members, and we will be demonstrating this with cocktails this week(See below)!

Naturally, week 10 will be a bit quieter due to the Strasbourg trip (on which a lot of committee are going) but I am sure there will be a Garden of India delegation on the Friday. Any further details will be outlined in next week’s email.

Eve Rimington

Upcoming Events

On Wednesday, we will be having a Cocktail Crawl! We will start in the Lounge at 8.00pm and then head into town to sample York’s cocktail bars! Do come along for a great evening of Conservatives with cocktails!

On Thursday, the York Tories will be welcoming Andrew Mitchell MP. He will come and speak to us at 7.00pm in P/T/006. This will be a great event so don’t miss out!

On Friday, following our usual committee meeting in D/104 at 6.15pm, we will again head to the Garden of India, after a few drinks in D Bar.

We look forward to seeing you!

Alex Burn