Week 7: Tory film night and chill?

Dear all,

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend, be it romantic or otherwise. Now that Valentine’s Day is over, you have no excuses to miss our events this week!

Apart from our usual events, tomorrow at 6.00pm in V/045, the Nursing Society is hosting a debate about changes to student bursaries. Our Treasurer, Jordan Hennessy, will be representing us so it would be great if you can come along and support him.

Eve Rimington


Upcoming Events

On Wednesday, we will be hosting our Film Night in V/123. It will start at 7.45pm. Come along for a great evening of fun, film and pizza!

On Friday, we will debate Britain’s relationship with the EU at 7.00pm in D/104 following our usual open committee meeting at 6.15pm. We will then, as usual, head to the Garden of India for curry.

We look forward to seeing you!

Alex Burn