Summer Hagueathon

On Saturday 5th May the York Tories hosted the second Hagueathon of the academic year. The aim: to drink 14 pints in 12 hours, in order to honour a particular York Tory favourite, William Hague. The result: usually a few miserable faces having been defeated by the challenge, along with a few rather drunk individuals who can proudly claim to have completed the legendary challenge.

Attendance was the best in years, with 41 people attending. There was a good mix of past and present York Tories, of which 8 individuals managed to complete it.

The day started at exactly 12:00 ready for the 12 hours of drinking and eating. The Seahorse was the first stop, with a few lucky individuals managing to get a free meal! By 2pm the main competitors had got through their first 4 pints with others opting for the slow and steady tactic. We moved onto the Phoenix where more York Tories joined us, and a few more pints were had, whilst 2 of the girls went…of all things… shoe shopping. Iain Milne quotes ‘most ridiculous thing I have ever heard of anyone trying to do on a Hagueathon? Possibly!’

Next stop: Wetherspoons. A good choice for cheep beer and cheep food. Sadly the choice of beer was not spectacular, but at this point nobody was truly bothered. The FA Cup Final was on which entertained a few, while Tom Byrne’s drunken antics entertained the rest! We were joined by our friends at the local York CF branch, which is always good, a catch up on local news and the occasional rant about the previous election. At this point some members had reached 10 pints, not many left to go, with 7 hours left to play!

The group moved on to the Red Lion on Piccadilly where we met some Leeds CF members, the group was growing in size, and so was the number of competitors! For some of the fresher Tories the day was talking its toll, the need for caffeine over powered them so they went of a hunt for a decent cuppa…all the way to the other side of town! The others stayed in the Red Lion to see Ralph Buckle complete his 8th Hagueathon! I believe this has set a new record, one that probably won’t be beaten for some time.  Rachael, one of our Ordinary Officers, was persevering well with about 2 bottles of wine gone at this point (for the ladies, the challenge is 3 bottles and 1 glass, equivalent to the same units of 14 pints.)

The next pub, Three Tuns, was a bit cozy, but it managed to hold us all, and provide some of the best beers of the day. It was clear people were getting tired and a few were hungry…again, so we moved onto the Ackorne, where Iain Milne wished to complete the Haguathon after many attempts. He was successful, along with Tom Field (one of the newest members of the society) and Dan Hawkridge (current events officer). As the evening drew to a close there were a few murmurs of ‘Willow’ …nobody’s quite sure who ended up where, but the night ended on a high, everyone still in tact, 8 people completing it and the majority, rather tipsy.


This Hagueathon will go down as one to remember. So many past members attended, which allowed for a mini-reunion, a large amount of new members and not forgetting the CF-ers.

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