Summer Ball


On Saturday 23rd June the Association held its annual Summer Ball in the magnificent Royal York Hotel. The evening welcomed many members of the society, both past and present, along with local CF members from multiple branches enjoying an evening of fantastic food, wine and company (not forgetting a few post-speech cigars!).

With many of the attendees arriving fashionably late, dinner was served at 8pm. Our large turnouts (as per usual!) meant that there were 4 large tables of 10 providing the perfect opportunity to mix with other members of the Conservative Party. This resulted in an evening crammed with intense political debate, roars of laughter and vast amounts of political banter!


Keeping up with tradition the meal concluded with a mixture of speeches. Beginning with the Chairman – Phil Downs (who actually managed to attend this one, which was a shock!) and concluding with the HVP speeches and awards. After the speeches a final run-round for the raffle was made and prizes drawn. One of the best successes of the evening was being able to announce that the society raised just under £100 for Street Child Sierra Leone, a charity very close to the hearts of the York Tories. We would like to thank all those that bought tickets and made donations. After giving away copious amounts of chocolate, wine and some mystery prizes (including a Willow survival pack) it was called upon, in line with tradition, to sing a 5 verse version of the National Anthem.



Once the formalities of the evening had concluded the attendees headed off to the Artful Dodger. For a York Tories after party it proved to be the perfect location, a reserved area and deals provided especially for York Tories at the bar. The evening finished in Willow, which came as no surprise!


We would like to thank Dan Hawkridge for the huge effort this ball took to organise. It was a great success, those who didn’t attend certainly missed out!


York Tories

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