DEBATE: THW allow an independent Scotland to re-join the Union at any time.

On Friday January 24th it was all about Scotland and the independence referendum. The debate concerned whether we should allow Scotland to re-join the Union at any time, in circumstances where it requested to do so.

Matthew Dent spoke in favour of the motion, and Jordan Hennessy against. The debate opened with the proposition, noting  first and foremost the benefits of having Scotland in the union, and what losing the nation would do to the UK both economically and diplomatically. It was also claimed that if this situation occurred, and they were taken back, the union would be safe for a very long time. “Nationalistic self-interest should not rule the day; the union is better with Scotland in it without doubt.”

The opposition seemed to have the upper hand, with many pointing out the overwhelming cost in time and money of re-absorbing them into the Union, particularly in such difficult economic times.  Some highlighted the key issue of this motion, ‘at any time’. They argued that we cannot let patriotic sentiment overrule economic and political realities. Quite compelling was the trail of thought that claimed, given we gave Scotland a choice to leave, should the remaining nations not decide whether we let them back in? “If Scotland has made a democratic decision to leave, then why should we allow them back on a whim.”

The result, perhaps surprisingly,  was a decisive victory for the proposition again this week. Scotland should be allowed to re-join the Union at any time.

Discussion of Braveheart and The Proclaimers then moved down to D-Bar over a few drinks, and the night ended with the society enjoying a curry at the Garden of India.

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