Despite some members of the Association having an apparent fascination with the 14th February, numbers were hardly diminished for our weekly pilgrimage to G’India. The cheery, and noticeably care-free, group which met in D-Bar noticed nothing more than a higher number of couples than usual as they sipped their traditional pints, and the occasional gin and tonic. G’India did not allow itself to be overcome by hype or soppiness, delivering it’s beautiful food as well as usual – even if no one was brave (some may say foolish) enough to order a Phall or Vindaloo.

Having started earlier than usual, and groaning under the weight of all the curry consumed, a drink was called for – and we adjourned to the Phoenix. After rounding of a night well spent, and partaking in one of the few instances of sober singing in a pub, we dispersed, muttering about how it was by far the best way to spend a Friday evening!

Hugo Graham