Meet and Greet

Wednesday of week 2 was the first York Tory social of term. It proved to be a huge success with turnout of at least 50 people through out the evening. The evening started with creating our blue Tory cocktail (In a bowl with a hole in it thanks to our brilliant events officer!). Vast amounts of food were laid out; cupcakes, chicken, sausage rolls and other party food, all ready for hungry freshers! We showed all our new members just exactly what we have to offer by playing a montage of the years events on the projector. This flashed back to such memorable events as Edinburgh, Martin Vickers MP, Cocktail Crawl and the famous Hagueathons. The night came to an end at about 10:30pm, with a small group of freshers and committee taking the night onto…no surprise… Willow!

York Tories

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