Martin Vickers, MP for Cleethorpes.

Martin Vickers MP with members of the committee

On the 2nd February the Association hosted Martin Vickers, MP for Cleethorpes. Unlike most of our speakers Mr Vickers only spoke for around 20 minutes, allowing for more Q&A time. This worked out extremely well as there was no end of questions asked. Much of the conversation revolved around the current and controversial issue of House of Lords reform. Many other topics were covered including Europe, HS2, immigration policy and the Health Bill. After just over an hour of questions we all moved to D-bar for some lighter, more casual conversation with Mr Vickers. Sadly he could not join us for curry, but the rest of the society headed out to the Garden of India. After an incredibly long wait for a table of almost 20 the society finally got some much needed food! Afterwards about 10 headed to Plonkers to carry on the evening.


We Would like to thank Martin Vickers for coming to talk to us all, we hope to see him again soon.

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