DEBATE: THW rather form a Coalition with the Liberal Democrats than the UK Independence Party if necessary in 2015.

On Friday January 17th it was the York Tories turn to talk coalitions. The debate concerned which potential future coalition partner the Conservative Party should choose if given a choice in 2015 –  the Liberal Democrats, or UKIP. 

It was an evening of firsts: the first debate of the year, and the first debate hosted by Calum our newly-elected Chairman.

Oliver Wilson spoke in favour of the motion, and Mathew Dent against. The debate opened with the proposition, criticising UKIP as a fringe party, pointing out the Liberal Democrats at least would by this time have experience of being in Government. They argued well for the motion, bringing in some interesting perspectives from the devolved regions. They claimed UKIP was a fragile party with volatile internal politics and characters, potential for damages of confidence around the world. “A party we cannot compromise with is not a party we could be in coalition with.” The opposition pointed out the differences between Conservative Party positions and that of the Liberal Democrats. They argued that the more natural coalition would be Conservative-UKIP, as the parties share similar values. “UKIP are sufficiently right wing to be good for the Conservatives, without bringing destruction.” A small number made the alternative case for minority Government, but it was agreed this would be wholly unworkable.

With the results in, the votes were overwhelming. The proposition prevailed with a majority of eight votes, one of the largest of this academic year. It was an extremely well attended by members of the society with almost 30 students, including representatives of both the University Liberal Democrats and UKIP in attendance.

The discussion of coalitions then moved down to D-Bar over a few drinks, and the night ended with the society enjoying a curry at the Garden of India.

Next Week: Scottish Independence

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