Julian Sturdy, MP York Outer


On Friday 11th May the York Tories were joined by Julian Sturdy (MP, York Outer). Julian spoke on major current issues such as the recent local elections and the re-election of Boris Johnson (which all the Tories were thrilled about). As per usual, the EU was bought up along with the change in the French Presidency. Controversial questions and some cheeky digs at Thatcher were brought up during Q&A, which Julian answered very well. Other questions were based on the Diamond Jubilee and the German economy.  The room was filled, which is a success seeing as exams are in full swing. Post-talk Julian joined us in D-bar for a few drinks. Discussion circled the reasons for Boris’ re-election, which is a highly debated topic at the moment. A few members went for dinner at a new restaurant – Ning. Julian was incredibly informative with many sound opinions, yet another great speakers event.


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