Winter Hagueathon


Saturday the 17th November, it marks the birth of Maria Antoinetta, the first congress held in Washington, and in 1558, the beginning of the Elizabethan era. But in 2012, it marks the day of the York Tories legendry Hagueathon. The aim is 14 pints (or 3 and half bottles of wine) in 12 hours – with no chundering. Some may say it sounds easy, but may have failed at the last hurdle. This year, at least 20 members both past and present and plenty of CF, Labour and the Lib Dems joined us. It began in the Seahorse for lunch, where many of the individuals competing managed to get the first few pints in. After some late arrivals and some lunch we moved on to the Phonix. We were joined by a few more, and the pints were still being ordered thick and fast. Next was the Red lion, and then on to Wetherspoons….at which point the group passed the one…the only…John Prescott! An occasion many of our attendees will never forget! As the evening drew in the York Tories headed to the Acorn and finally Plonkers. An unusually low amount of people managed to complete the challenge…just Dan and Calum. But everyone enjoyed it, many attempted it and just a few completed it. But yet another successful Haguathon…just enough time to recover before next terms!


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