Debate: THBT The State Pension Should be Abolished

On Friday 27th April the society hosted the debate: ‘THBT The State Pension Should be Abolished.’ With it being the first event of term, numbers weren’t as high as they have been as the past, but with some late arrivals the room soon filled up. On the proposition was Dan, our Events Officer. He noted that the state could not afford the state pension as it currently stands and argued that it needs serious reform. Dan outlined that abolishing the state pension would, in effect; create a 9% tax break for all, not just certain socio-economic groups. On the opposition was Sarah, our Press and Publicity Officer. She argued the more socially-liberal side noting that it would create a society that would not care for its most vulnerable and abolishing the state pension would increase the burden on the NHS. Sarah also put forward a different reform: increasing the pension age.  This proved to be a popular reform with both the opposition and the proposition. After an hour debating, a vote was taken and the opposition won by 8 votes. In usual York Tory spirit, the debate was followed by drinks in D Bar and a curry.

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