Debate: THW allow unlimited immigration from Commonwealth countries

Two members of the York Tories Committee locked horns on Friday 31st January as they opened a debate on Commonwealth immigration. Our Secretary, Huw Davies, outlined what he saw as the benefits of an alliance which includes hundreds of years of history and shared culture, while Treasurer Jordan Hennessy criticised the ‘unlimited’ part of the motion and was worried about the human rights record of some Commonwealth nations.

Following these, the debate opened up to the floor, where members introduced points such as the similar policy on EU immigration and comparisons to that, the stretch on resources caused by large amounts of immigrants and the perceived benefits of integration from Commonwealth citizens.

In the end, it came down to a vote, and the final result saw the motion passed by a margin of more than 2:1, with just one person abstaining. Following the debate, we enjoyed a meal at the Red Chilli restaurant in York to celebrate Chinese New Year.


Hugo Graham