Cocktail Crawl

The return of the cocktail crawl, a personal favourite, and a particularly popular one throughout the society. The event began in the usual place, D bar. The committee members turned out in full force, along with plenty of new freshers! D bar also hosted the Politics Soc Parody of the Party event, which meant we were joined by plenty of our Labour, Lib Dem and A political friends. Our first port of call was Evil Eye, Well known for its extremely good and extremely strong cocktails. Next was the fantastic cocktail bar, Bora Bora. A brilliant bar for dancing, chatting, some members smoking cigars and getting merry! After approximately 5 pitchers between everyone had been drunk it seemed appropriate to move on to the most well known cocktail bar in York, Dusk. We stayed until closing time, with everyone still talking, getting to know new members and sharing plenty of past stories and political banter. Sadly it was decided the que for Willow was just too long, so our night finished in only the classiest place to finish…McDonalds!

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