Christmas Ball 2011

On Saturday 10th the Association held its annual Christmas Ball in the splendid Monkbar Hotel. Encapsulated as a wonderful success by those who attended, the evening saw many members, old and new, enjoy an evening of splendour, opulence, and just a hint of tradition.

With people taking their seats at 19.30, attendees were met with a glass of the finest Italian Prosecco and set straight into their meals. And what a selection! From a delicious selection of starters to a vast variety of meat, there was a plentiful selection for all who attended. Dessert was scrumptious with coffee and mince pies offering a splendid finish to the meal. The floor plan was an excellent idea, with the layout culminating over a two-tiered floor, adding to the intimacy of the occasion. Four tables (suitably named Churchill, Thatcher, Disraeli and Wellington) provided the adequate space to accommodate the large turnout.

Various toasts and speeches were naturally in order once the meal was over, a five verse version of the National Anthem and a festive verse of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” was following the traditional Loyal Toast and with the new Mr. Chairman unavailable for the evening (on some business in Oxford, conveniently), a pre-prepared speech was instead given by Honourary Vice-President Chris Rowell amidst cries of shame from the assembled. Finalising by giving out the various raffle prizes, we can declare that in excess of £110 was raised in aid of Help for Heroes, an excellent result.

After the formality was over and a festive continuation was in order, many enjoyed a cigar before heading over to Dusk, in which the top floor was reserved for us. This wasn’t enough it seemed and everyone headed over to the Vudu Lounge to continue the excellent, if raucous after party. A lot of alcohol consumed, it was a suitable end to a marvelous evening.

We must thank and congratulate Rachael Burrell on the splendid amount of effort put in! For those who missed out, how unfortunate.

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