AGM & Elections for the 2012 Committee

Last night, the Association held its AGM, and the elections for the 2012 committee.

Boris Johnson, with his upcoming re-election campaign, narrowly pipped Julian Sturdy, MP for York Outer, to the position of Honourary President. Jon Ward, Catherine Latham, Iain Milne, and Chris Rowell were added to the list of Honourary Vice-Presidents; Will Barr, Chris Etheridge, Miles Sinclair, and Lloyd Sparkes were retained in that position for another year. Constitutional amendments were passed to (i) change the ‘Co-ordinator’ titles, habitually referred to as ‘Officers’, to ‘Officers’ in the constitution; (ii) to add social media to the Computing Officer’s responsibilities; and (iii) to similarly add keeping a record of the society’s online accounts and passwords. Motions to merge ‘Press’ and ‘Publicity’ permanently, and to alter the ‘no confidence’ rules in some manner, fell.

The committee elections then took place. The new committee is as follows:

Chairman: Phil Downs
External Vice-Chairman: Daniel Murphy
Internal Vice-Chairman: Matthew Kilcoyne
Treasurer: Joey Cuthbertson
Secretary: Leon Morris
Press Officer: Thomas Smith
Publicity Officer: Sarah Ralphs
Events Officers: Nicola Banks and Daniel Hawkridge
Computing Officer: Joe Blake
Campaigns Officer: Tomasz Ciesla
Ordinary Officers: Zviad Aslanikashvili, Rachael Burrell, Sophie Walker

Congratulations to the whole new committee, especially the eight members – including four freshers – joining the committee for the first time!

For those interested, the full voting figures were as follows (bear in mind that sometimes people spoiled ballots, chose not to vote, were ineligible to vote in an election owing to missing part of the relevant speeches, left early, or arrived late, so totals are not even):

1st round:      Downs 10 Murphy 9 Smith 4 RON 0
2nd round:    Downs 13 Murphy 11

External Vice-Chairman:
1st round:      Ciesla 5 Murphy 20 RON 0

Internal Vice-Chairman:
1st round:      Hawkridge 5 Kilcoyne 11 Smith 8 RON 0
2nd round:    Kilcoyne 14 Smith 11

1st round:     Cuthbertson 14 Walker 10 RON 0

1st round:     Morris 10 Ralphs 8 Smith 6 RON 0
2nd round:   Morris 12 Ralphs 12 *
3rd round:    Morris 15 Ralphs 10

Press Officer:
1st round:     Blake 10 Smith 12 RON 1

Publicity Officer:
1st round:     Blake 12 Ralphs 12 RON 0 *
2nd round:   Blake 11 Ralphs 14

Events Officer:
1st round:    Aslanikashvili 2 Banks 10 Hawkridge 6  Walker 4 RON 0
2nd round:  Banks 12 Hawkridge 12 * agreed to share position, passed by meeting

Computing Officer:
Blake by show of hands

Campaigns Officer:
1st round:   Aslanikashvili 3 Ciesla 22 RON 0

Ordinary Officers:
Aslanikashvili by show of hands
Burrell by show of hands
Walker by show of hands

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