Socials Generic

The Association is predominantly a social society, brought together by politics. It therefore prides itself on its regular, exciting, well-organised and well-attended social calendar.

Weekly Social Events
UYCUA organises a vast range of weekly social events, taking place most Wednesday evenings during term-time. Recent events include an Old-Fashioned Bar Crawl, a Ghost Walk and Haunted Pub Crawl and a Film & Pizza Night. The Association also frequently hold sport socials, often during the day on Wednesdays, where members of the society take part in friendly sporting activities.

We look forward to an exciting autumn term next year, with upcoming social events to be published nearer the time.

Post-Meeting Dining
York Tories’ post-meeting dinners are usually held at a York curry-house. Until 2002, the favoured option was the Noor Jahan on Fishergate and from then until 2004 The Rise of the Raj on Micklegate. The Garden of India, on Fawcett Street, affectionately known as “Gindia”, is now well-established as York Tories’ dining venue of choice.

The Association does occasionally dine at other locations – within the last year, post-meeting dinners have also been held at Ask, Strada and Prezzo.

The Hagueathon
The Hagueathon is one of the societies best-attended social events of the year, taking place twice a year in May and November.

The Association welcome colleagues from all other political societies at the University of York as well as friends from local University Associations and Conservative Future branches.

Inter-Association Socials
The York Tories frequently host and attend socials with societies and associations from other Universities.

Recent months have seen On-Campus Coalition Quizzes and Rainbow Socials, as well as a joint event with Durham University Conservative Association on the date of the inter-university varsity.

York Tories on Tour
Larger social events take place most terms, with trips to Edinburgh and London, and most recently Cardiff in April 2014.

UYCUA frequent travels across the country make this a perfect opportunity to assist other associations and candidates with campaigning, again most recently with PPC Craig Williams in Cardiff North.