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This website offers an overview of York Tories and how the association functions in 2014. This academic year the association celebrated 50 years since its formation and the founding of the University back in 1963-1964.

UYCUA is one of the best-known university-level Conservative associations in the country, having acquired a rich and varied history despite its relative youth. UYCUA has developed over time as the largest of the political societies and as one of the most active and friendly student groups at the University of York.

The association prides itself upon being a predominantly social student group, brought together by politics. The society hosts a social each Wednesday evening during term, Hagueathons twice a year, as well as a Christmas and Summer Ball; often with a high-profile speaker at each.

The society contains a wide range of political views from within the elected committee and across the society more broadly. UYCUA embraces such diversity of opinion and ideology, regularly discussing long-standing and contemporary issues both in a formal debate setting, and informally. The association hosts a debate or speaker event each and every Friday evening during term-time, regularly hearing from Cabinet Ministers, Members of Parliament and highly-regarded political thinkers.

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