Association Committee

The Committee of UYCUA is elected at the Annual General Meeting held each November. The elections take place for each individual position on the committee. There are usually twelve positions, conventionally ranked as follows: Chairman, External Vice-Chairman, Internal Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Publicity and Social Media Officer, Campaigns Officer, Events Officer, Computing Officer, and three Ordinary Officers.

The committee meets weekly during term time, and meetings are open to general attendance by all members of the University of York Student Union, including elected officials.


Committee 2016-17


Chairman: Arthur Reynolds

Growing up in rural Herefordshire (no, not Hertfordshire), Arthur has kept away from the tentacles of socialism, and minus a brief flirtation with the Lib Dems, has been a conservative for as long as he can remember. A PPE student, during his first year Arthur served as an Ordinary Officer and later as Publicity and Social Media Officer, and holds the somewhat unwelcome record of losing the highest number of society elections before becoming Chairman. Away from politics, Arthur is a lover of sport, in particular, his local football club Hereford FC, and (very) occasionally blogs about food and restaurants.


External Vice Chairman: Callum Jones

Callum studies Politics and Philosophy, being too stupid to study PPE. Originally from Northern Ireland, Callum notes the reunification of Ireland as one of his main political missions (reunification under the crown of her most excellent Majesty, God save her, of course). Callum has the revered honour of being the most authoritarian member of the committee according to the political compass test. He is also a fiscal and Russia hawk


Internal Vice Chairman: James Eyermann


Treasurer: Robert Ward

Robert is a first-year Politics with International Relations student. Born in the Netherlands, this has not stopped him from being a staunch eurosceptic. In his first year, Robert has held roles including Press and Social Media and most recently Treasurer. He is a big supporter of Arsenal.


Secretary: Niall R. M. Hegarty

Niall is a Politics and International Relations student with a keen interest in British foreign policy and the importance of the British Overseas Territories to UK defence. A native Midlander and sports fan, hoping to indoctrinate more York Tories into the religion of weekend rugby, taken with the communion of chips and a pint


Publicity and Social Media Officer: Elliot Banks


Campaigns Officer: Samuel Andrews

Originally from Kent, Sam is a keen supporter of individual liberty as well as being an enthusiast for Atlanticism. Sam has the aim to spread the society message further afield on the doorsteps of York, whilst engaging with the local Association.


Events Officer: Lauren Proctor

Lauren is a straight politics student and aspiring politician. Originating from the Midlands she’s a Tory through and through. She aims as events officer to put the party into the Tory party, and make sure the good times never end.


Ordinary Officers: 

Jonathan Van Kuijk:

Jonathan became an undergraduate philosophy student after mistranslating Descartes’ cogito ergo sum to ‘ I think therefore I earn’. Now in second year, he spends his time reflecting on the relative virtues of the maturity of various blue cheeses.

Gus Walter:

Raised in Warwickshire, Gus Walter is a paternalistic one nation Tory who is partial to a good cider. Studying law, he is a fan of constitutional debate and is driven in his role as an ordinary officer to” transcend” his skills across all sections of the society.

Uday Maudgil:

Uday is a 2’nd year PPE student, who enjoys Model United Nations and hill walking. He is our ordinary officer.